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Ken Bennett

Arizona State Senator

"Drawing on his leadership experience as Vice Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Chair of the 2025 General Plan , Ted will bring his common sense problem-solving, and proven consensus building skills to City Council.."

Steve Bracety

Vice President, Grace Hospitality (Prescott Resort)

"Ted Gambogi is fiscally conservative and fiscally smart. Ted analyzes issues and is objectively decisive. He is a leader who listens and takes action.  Ted is what Prescott needs for City Council."

Ted 4 City Council 2023
Brandon Montoya

Mayor Pro Tem City of Prescott

"Ted Gambogi is the candidate Prescott needs for City Council. With his experience as Chair of the City General Plan and Vice-Chair of the City Planning and Zoning Commission, Ted knows how to handle complex issues and find solutions. He's committed to building consensus and working on tough challenges like workforce housing and transportation. I'm proud to endorse Ted for City Council. He's a proven leader who makes decisions based on facts and prioritizes collaboration. Vote for Ted Gambogi, and let's keep making progress in Prescott!"

Ted 4 City Council 2023
Clark Tenney

Superintendent Prescott Unified School District

"I have found Ted to be thoughtful in his consideration of issues facing Prescott now and in our future. He doesn't make decisions based merely on what a handful of loud ideologues tell him that he should do. Ted takes the time to research issues, to hear from all constituents, and then to determine what is best for Prescott."

Ted 4 City Council 2023
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